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In order to guarantee an exceptional experience to all participants, the admissions process is highly selective. Many alumni have commented that one of the key success factors that makes the RealAcad experience so unique is that you get to work closely with a team of extraordinary people.

Only 10-15% of all applicants make it to one of the programs. This means that, if you are admitted, you know that your team will be comprised of top-level people, who will challenge you, demand nothing but the best from you, and in return give their best as well. Even though this might sound like serious and hard work, most alumni remember how much fun they had during the program and how such a high-performing environment lead to life-long friendships with really exceptional people.

Admissions Process Overview

Every applicant has to go through 3 rounds of selection and only the people that pass all three rounds are finally admitted to the program. There is no single formula for being a successful applicant. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their achievements, their potential, the fit between what they aspire to achieve and what the program has to offer. Click here to find who we are looking for. If you have further queries, please direct them to admissions@realacad.com.

The standard admissions process takes 4 - 8 weeks and is organized in a number of different phases as demonstrated in the figure below.

To start your application process, please send in 2 documents:

  • A fully completed application form (including picture) - Click here to download the application form
  • A copy of your resume including details of all extra-ordinary achievements and professional experience
For the current application round, please submit your application by emailing both your Application Form and Resume to apply@realacad.com. RealAcad has a rolling admissions process, so if you miss one deadline, you may apply in the next round. However, as seats are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis, it is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible.

We will inform applicants of the results of step 1 within 2 weeks after the application deadline. Applicants that have cleared the first round of selection will be contacted to schedule an interview, which will either be face-to-face, over the phone or via web-conference.

Post-Admission Process

If you get admitted to the RealAcad, the post-admission process starts. Details can be found in the figure below.